I founded this business on my motto: honest and reliable service. This is what I found missing in the service industry, especially construction. Many people just don't do what they say they're going to do leaving many disappointed. I'm sure we've all be disappointed with businesses not returning calls or showing up when they say they're going to.

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I've been involved in the home building/repair industry most of my life. Once I started this business, I vowed that I would not be like the other contractors: not returning calls, not showing up on time (or at all), not starting a job and then disappearing for weeks at a time. To me, that would mean I didn't care about you as a person or a customer. I also believe in doing things right the first time. No one's perfect, but if you maintain high standards and integrity, you'll do it right. I believe my customers deserve high-quality work at a reasonable price. 

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home remodel in sioux falls

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Over the years I've established a customer base that I'm proud of. I'd be proud to call you my customer. I respect your time, input and budget. We use your ideas in addition to my knowledge to finish a project you and I can both be proud of. Anyone can tout low prices and professionalism, but without integrity and honesty, prices mean very little. So, what can I help you with?

Providing honest and reliable service the right way and on time. Every time.


I specialize in small to medium sized  home repair/maintenance projects in the Sioux Falls area.  I have compiled a list of the most common projects I am asked to do, but feel free to call me if there is something you have a question about.

From Darrell

• Install New Windows/ Doors
• Repair Siding
• Light Electrical
• Light Plumbing
• Drywall Repair - Texturing

• Fall/  Spring Lawn Clean-up
• Flooring
• Install Shower Doors